What is 12N?

It's certainly not just a number and a letter

America might be my birthplace and India might influence my culture and the color of my skin, but 12N is where I am from. Apartment 12N is where I was born and the first place I called home. It's the place my father struggled to pay his $170 per month lease. Against the advice from everyone, and so he and my mom could provide a home for me, he gave up his career and masters degree in chemistry to go into life insurance sales and succeeded beyond anyone's wildest dreams.

12N is where my parents gave shelter to many friends and family as they struggled to stand on their own two feet as they arrived in this country. 12N is where, when needed, my cousins and I would sleep head to toe on the floor in the hallway to make space for others. 12N is where we learned compassion, drive, ethics, fairness, and humility.

Even though our family over the last 45 years has successfully built our core business in the life insurance industry without ever needing a brand, today all of our other companies do. It is for this reason, in 2019, that we present to all of you the launch of 12N Family Capital.

Hopefully, we will make each of you proud of not only what we are trying to continue accomplishing in the life insurance industry but in this one as well. More importantly, how we as a family want to give back to those who are just getting started themselves.